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Formed in 2005 Wear your hisTory is a leading brand name in clothing with a difference. Not only do we produce stylish fashionable garments, each item comes with an encouraging message. In spite of the rich contributions that African-Caribbean people have made to life history and culture in the United Kingdom. There has always been a real danger that it could be totally overlooked or worse still lost forever, unless there is a major drive to protect it. Wear your hisTory was formed to ensure that this heritage is collected, recorded and printed for the benefit of people today and for our future generations. It is hoped that this will act as a springboard for working with other members of the community in the future. 

Wear your hisTory will endear to un-cover any hidden black history by gaining knowledge and passing it onto our customers. In the coming months we will be producing some incredible designs, in T-shirts all of which will be printed with the achievements of Black hero's leaders, and many other African-Caribbean males and females who helped shape the world we live in. All of our garments are completely exclusive and will be on sale on our website so make sure you put your orders in early to avoid disappointment.

The fact that there is very limited Black history taught in British Schools, and colleges makes it imperative that we teach the young people in our community our history. It is therefore vitally important that we gain as much knowledge as possible and make our children aware of all our past history and role models in the United Kingdom. Wear your hisTory T-shirts have been devised to do just that, and symbolises for us how much each person has their own unique identity which at the same time connects us to a community, to a locality and to the wider world.

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